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Some Reviews From Our Amazing Customers


I am always so very excited to receive this happy box of goodies for myself and to bless others with the gifts inside. I love the note cards to inspire a friend, business partner or loved one. It seems that each box will be filled with the perfect gift of someone I am thinking about at that time. I highly recommend you invest in Sow Reap Harvest you will be glad you did.

Melynda Lilly

Sow Reap Harvest is by far the best investment in both “self” and “others” care. My subscription includes multiple orders and I sow them into different people each month. I look forward to creating a list of well-deserving friends, family and even strangers that could use a pick me up. I never cease to be amazed by the themes and just how befitting they are to the situations that find their way to my heart. The Brave box has turned out to be the the most uplifting message to front line first responders and healthcare professionals. I am so grateful for this one of a kind subscription service that caters to the Mind, Body and Spirit. Simply Love It!!!

Gabbe Smith

This box is like getting inspiration mailed to you and only you! Well put together and always right on time. Consider gifting yourself and a friend because you get way more than what you are paying for!

Pamela Benson Owens

When I learned about the Sow.Reap.Harvest idea I loved the concept and subscribed with the idea that I could bring a little joy into others lives. Little did I know that the inspirational gifts would not only sow into others, but it would sow into me. I have so many obstacles in my life that I didn’t realize this box would become my inner motivation. I look forward to seeing what has been curated for the next month's box, it truly is a Joy! 💛💛

Shannon Martin

 Love my Sow- Reap-Harvest box, Its like a breathe of fresh air and happiness. You can feel the thoughtfulness and kindness it took putting the items inside the box. I look forward to receiving them and sharing with others.
I highly recommend this gift to friends, family and even strangers you feel in need of hope.

Virginia Cross

When I initially signed up I was ready to sow into many people. The idea and concept is absolutely amazing and characteristic of my personality. I wasn’t expecting to find so many wonderful goodies in there so when I opened the box I was in awe. Suffering with depression, I found a lot of the items to be little nuggets to help me along my journey in healing myself from within. I’m supposed to be sowing into others but ended up sowing into myself with some of the items. I ended up ordering more so I could sow into myself and others.

Denise Frasier

I am so pleased with my subscription! The items have so much value because it really inspires me to connect more often with everyone. I look at the item and immediately start thinking of who it would be perfect for. The price, timing and little surprises are just a few of the many things I love about this box. I also keep some for myself so that I can continue to be inspired! This saves me time and gives me the tools to continue to sow into people so that I can grow my relationships and my business!

Rosie Marin

I absolutely LOVE my Sow, Reap. Harvest boxes. I look forward to opening each one upon arrival because you never know what unique items you will find inside--they are never the same. They are excellent for giving to family and friends as unique gifts for special occasions. I also love to give them just to show my appreciation for the person and acknowledge the kindnesses I have seen them display! I have also ordered also extra just to keep for myself!

Cathrine DeShields

Received my Sow Reap Harvest box last month. It was absolutely amazing. I loved everything about it. If I had to pick a favorite, which is tough, it would likely be the mug. I gave a love letter card to each of my grandchildren. The box was so great, I immediately ordered the same one for my daughter in law’s birthday. She received hers yesterday and loves it as much as I did. Great value for the price. Great customer service. High quality items. I’m already, and plan to continue to be a repeat customer.

Debra Hatch


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