Sow Reap Harvest is a bi-monthly subscription service that believes your mom was right when she said that one “Thank You” goes a long way. Invest in the lives of those around you and yourself with cards, gifts, journals, books, shareable items, and planners.

  • Each box contains 5-7 items curated to help you connect with your loved ones and yourself.

  • Items include journals, books, shareable items, planners, small gifts, and note cards.

  • Encourages a thankful mindset every day through personal development materials and challenges.

  • Now more than ever, it is all too easy to put your loved ones and yourself on the back burner -- Sow Reap Harvest is here to make intentional investments easy again.


Don't judge each day by the harvest your reap but by the seeds that you plant.


What Our Customers Say:

The Gift the Keeps on Giving

Sow Reap Harvest is by far the best investment in both “self” and “others” care. My subscription includes multiple orders and I sow them into different people each month. I look forward to creating a list of well-deserving friends, family and even strangers that could use a pick me up. I never cease to be amazed by the themes and just how befitting they are to the situations that find their way to my heart.

The Brave box has turned out to be the the most uplifting message to front line first responders and healthcare professionals. I am so grateful for this one of a kind subscription service that caters to the Mind, Body and Spirit. Simply Love It!!!


More Details...

  • We ship bi-monthly on the 15th of the month in the following months: November, January, March, May, July, and September. You must order by the 10th of the month to receive a current box.

  • Ships worldwide from United States

  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime


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